Day 11. Press conference!

My last week’s update ”I promise to stay as many days without booze as this Facebook Status will increase in likes” seems to stuck on number 147. Therefore I have to be sober for 147 days. It means more than 20 weeks – almost five months – without sparkling apple wine, Rapids Ear booze, Finnish Lion booze, Noble Wine, Nobelaner beer, Christmas gluhwein, hard Mint Cocoa, very hard tea, super hard coffee and a quickly drunk bottle of salt liquorice liqueur before leaving to bar – and those fucking liqueur candies!

147 days will be the second longest drinking break in my life. Sometimes in the 1990’s I had a six month liquor strike, when I tried to find faith. Jesus, however, did not agree to play with me because I wasn’t enough childlike: a harmless fool who believes everything someone says.

In Yemen, a Finnish couple, Atte and Leila Kaleva, were kidnapped in December 2012. They were imprisoned without spirits for 140 days. And they survived! Maybe I’ll also have a press conference if I survive this drinking brake, and tell everyone like Atte did, that I didn’t get any actual trauma from my affliction even though it had nothing to do with pleasure. And that now I am going to run for the Finnish Parliament!

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