DAY 9. My granny’s genitals

Except that I have cleaned up my office during the nights and also organized my goods, I also have asked the Finnish Literature Society archives, if they want me to hand over more than ten kilograms of shitty texts that were sent to me, when I founded the Lousy Literature Society and held a writing competition almost twenty years ago. They replied ”yes”.

Playing with booze is extremely self-centered action that makes you shiftless. It took me five years to send that modest e-mail to Literature archives. My granny turned 93 last summer, but I didn’t make a congratulatory call even though It was always my intention. I have not made that call yet, not to mention that I had visited her either.

Now that I have time and a clear mind, I finally called her today.

Granny told me she was going to the doctor tomorrow. ”They will take x-rays of my genius brains – or was it my brilliant genitals”, she said. We laughed our asses out. Grandma was happy that Risto called. So was I.

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