Day 8. Daddy drove drunk and tried to escape the police

When you are long time without liquor (a week of dry cake behind), you have to face a variety of things in the clearest way. Today it was my dentist. Well, I’ve never lied drunk on her dental chair, but the two previous root treatments I trembled through in a good hungover. Of course, when I knew that I was going there the next day, I did not sink a bottle of 38 volts liquor Rapids Ear to my gills, but a bottle of Finnish Lion with only 32 volts.

Usually I drink – I used to drink – at least a couple of sparkling apple wines in the evening, but in the last few months when I tried to keep the blood glucose levels down, I tossed of mostly clear liquors. My dentist has repeatedly wondered how in the hell my teeth are crashing in my mouth, but I have not been able to tell her that every night I burst alcoholic sugar soup in my cheeks for hours and then I pass out on the couch without washing my teeth.

I guess I should not publicly admit this, but I’ve driven car hundreds of times in cannon-like hangover. Unsure about my condition I’ve been driving like a snail to the dentist but also to the Arse-market to buy ciggys and even to Melt Town’s sports center to play badminton.

The ”funny” thing happened ten years ago when I was taking Sandra to the daycare center. At the crossroads I saw a police crackdown on the right. I turned to the left, because I wanted to avoid the breath test. I made a forty kilometers run via Melt Towns Motorway and Helsinki back to the day-care center. Thank dog, the cops were gone! I’ve always tried to be honest with my child, so when Sandra asked why we are driving in the wrong direction, I said that dad does not want to face those blues shit caps, because dad might still have a bit of bad beer in the blood. My daughter understood the explanation and survived from that incident without trauma. So I thought until the next day, when I heard Sandra talking about our episode to my mother. This was her version of it: ”Grandma! I was late from my play school yesterday morning, because daddy drove the car drunk and tried to escape the police.”

I really don’t try to show of with my ”funny” booze achievements, but just show how idiotic an alcohol-dependent person can be. When sober, I would never even thought about driving drunk.

Sanna Ukkola, a journalist, wrote today on General Radio’s website about 11-year-old Matleena, who was killed by drunken driver a couple of years ago in Lappland Bay. The District Court gave that woman a two-year and seven-month sentence, which was reduced five months by Court of Appeal. At this moment, that cunt has already returned to freedom.

The right judgment for a child-killer drunk driver would be a death penalty, that the parents of the child could execute in their own way. I’m not kidding, although I know that one day the person kneeling down before the guillotine could be a certain stand-up comedian called Risto Koo Laky. Alcohol makes us so fucking dumb.

Yksi kommentti artikkeliin ”Day 8. Daddy drove drunk and tried to escape the police

  1. It does make us dumb, that’s for sure!
    It killed a lot of brain cells, too.
    I had to learn how to fact things sober, too, but now I am okay with it!
    Even the dentist doesn’t scare me!



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