DAY 6. I almost killed my guinea pig

I was awake the whole last night. In my office upstairs I filed press cuttings of my career, arranged shelves and removed my ”agile ponyniquation” writings from Facebook, which I had written last week drunk as persimmon. I also put my life in an external order. I was clear and for once I had extra time! In addition, my nerves insisted on any activity.

I fell asleep at seven o’clock in the morning and woke up at three in the afternoon. I did not have a ”cannon head”, I mean hangover! Yet my first thought was: ”What the fuck did I write to internet at night? Run and destroy it all!”

All weird things happen at nights, when I drink. I still do not know where I lost the all the Chinese cabbage from my refrigerator last week. I probably did eat it with ketchup. God knows how many times I’ve been totally smashed and devoured Sandras Jelly Beans and Fairys protein quarks, waking in the morning when chicks’ rage.

Once in the condition ”zigzag roof” I watched the movie ”The Wall”, where Bob Geldof cuts his chesthair and eyebrows to hell with a razor blade. How to be, I also became inspired to cut all of my hair off: head, beard, eyebrows, pubic. My head and beard grew hair soon back. But I’ll never have a furry thing above my eyes again not to mention my ”angel eater”.

In one of the autumn nights I once released our guinea pig to freedom, because I got enough of it’s eternal whine. In the morning I woke up to Fairy’s scream and Sandra’s tears. Fortunately, the ”runaway” was found solidified by the forest border and I managed to revive her in the sauna’s heat.

I got so much power from those memories, that I can easily continue my fucking long odyssey towards the absolute zero per mill of my drunkards life.

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