Day 5. Best explanation ever

Finnish national artists, painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela and composers Oskar Merikanto, Robert Kajanus and Jean Sibelius, hang out in the hotel Kämp drunk as skunks in the Gallen-Kallela’s famous painting ”Probleemi” from 1894. This is how the situation may seem to be in the eye of an ordinary fucker, but art historian Salme Sarajas-Korte says there is no liquor party going on in the painting, but a pictorial representation of the symbols and mysteries that the artists often discussed until dawn.

”The painting is all about the transition of human life in it’s millennial development from the decadence period to the new flourishing renaissance.”

LOL. Reps. Muah. Why didn’t I ever find such a brilliant explanation for my wife Fairy, when I faltered home from Corsica’s night Club ”Top Hat” in the early hours of morning?

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