Day 1. Thank you, sadists

Only 116 days left to the moment when stand up comedian Risto Koo Laky – that’s fucking me – will be drunk again and will make love in Reindeer Town after a gig to enthusiastic actress with a bunny suit. Or with just anybody, anywhere, anytime. Just like you can only run in the drum.

So, thank you to everyone who took part of the campaign ”I promise to stay as many days without booze as this Facebook Status will increase in likes”. I am moved on how many of my 384 friends supported me. I also thank those 116 sadists, for which I will have to be 116 days clear – that is almost four months, satan.

The first day is over now. Doing good. Today. What about tomorrow? Not a clue. I’ll tell you later. Maybe writing keeps my lusty hands so busy I do not have time for a sparkling apple bottle or Noble Wine. Perhaps I will continue my vinegar strike forever, and I will never go to the jar again and fuck anybody drunk, even though actress Tommi Korpela herself begs my dick with tears in her eyes.


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